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Adipex is a top rated prescription-based weight loss pill which should be taken only as per the prescription given by the doctor.

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Best Over The Counter Diet Pill

The more diet pills are published in magazines and on the Internet, the more people are prone to get confused about what weight loss diet pills are. If any of those weight loss pills that they call ‘the best diet pill‘, be it the best over the counter diet pill or the best diet pills prescribed by a registered physician had worked, the world would definitely have been much lighter with no obese and overweight population. But there is a stark difference between fact and fiction, what with the ever escalating number of people caught with the obesity bug spiraling and growing by leaps and bounds every passing day.

Call it fashion, fad or a genuine flair for marketing – but the marketing pitch of the drug lords (puns intended) advocating that their particular brand of diet pill is ‘the best diet pill for weight loss’ has found many takers. But there is no valid reasoning as to why their best diet pill pitch won’t work; after all everyone wants to be thin the easy way, and these advertisements promise you the best over the counter diet pill that would work quick and easy- no sweat. But how far do they keep their promise is another BIG QUESTION.

We human beings are a breed that wants the quickest solutions and the easiest answers. When there are pills that can help cure physical ailments and mental disorders, why not a diet pill to cure obesity and overweight?
And yes, there are LOTS of diet pills out there; but wait, don’t jump into conclusions and get carried away by the fancy advertisements with tall claims of giving you the best over the counter diet pill. Before you start popping the best diet pill, read the reviews of the diet pills given by experts in the field and undertake a quick but clear research to zero down on the diet pill that works best for the majority of people, as they might work best for you.

Remember, diet pills are no magic pills that can give you effective weight loss. And if any of the diet pills had a cent percent success in weight loss, you would have certainly heard about it. Yes you have heard about Adipex and Phentermine but all these diet pills are prescription based and come with their own bag of positives and negatives.

It may be tough, but you have to accept the fact that there is no best over the counter diet pill that works. Experts are of the opinion that you should not opt for any over the counter diet pill, unless the same has been prescribed by your physician.

To sum up we would suggest that a healthy and a clean diet, along with regular exercise regimen is the best to achieve weight loss. The progress would be slow, but steady.